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  • Feel More Energized! These 18 foods help you feel more awake, focused, and energized, so you can be yourself and work out. See PAGE 109.
  • Avoid the "Mood Busters" Found in Common Foods! You'll discover how to read labels to find the foods that will help, not hurt. (Example: Forget "natural," which is meaningless and unregulated. Instead, look for "organic".) See PAGE 144.
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The combination of pepper, garlic, and onions fights inflammation and all the diseases — from depression to cancer — associated with it. See PAGE 178.

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Make room for dessert! The phytonutrients from the berries plus the omega-3s, tocotrienols, and tocopherols (vitamin E) from the walnuts and almonds will help protect your brain. See PAGE 216.

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The Happiness Diet gives your brain the nutrients it needs to be healthy, focused and upbeat! Free Preview! Free Gifts! Try it FREE!